Emberstones are handblown glass remembrance objects infused with cremation ashes.

Each glass art object honors your loved ones with simple beauty and quiet presence. The infusion of cremation ashes results in a beautiful lustrous streak inside of the glass. This permanent mark serves as a physical reminder of those we have lost. Cremation ashes from pets or people can be infused into glass, and ashes from multiple souls can be infused into the same memorial. We hope that these tokens can help you transition the pain of grief to comforting memory.


Cairn stones

The term cairn refers to a stack of deliberated balanced stones. They have been used since prehistoric times as landmarks and burial markers, in ceremonies and celebrations, and as objects of prayer and peace. We encourage you to find your own interpretation of these simple yet elegant memorial sculptures.

Luminary stones

These hollow stones glow with light from within. The included tealight illuminates the interior of the stone, and the light shines most brightly where the ashes are present. The lighting of your luminary can be a comforting daily ritual, or an occasional reminder of your loved one’s presence.


The thought of skipping stones brings happy memories of childhood play, and comforting memories of slow days and peaceful relaxation. These smooth glass stones rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, and holding them brings warmth to the glass. They can be artfully displayed in your home as a gentle reminder of your loved one’s presence, or carried with you on your travels.

Molten glass can be infused with cremation ashes.


When glass is melted, it can be rolled in cremation ashes, which then become a permanent part of the finished glass object. The ashes turn into a beautiful silver streak, which has almost a glitter-like appearance. The hot glass can then be blown and sculpted into a piece of art.

After your purchase of a memorial, you will be sent a package in the mail that will allow you to send your cremation ashes to us. You will only need to send a small amount - about a tablespoon. The package will be shipped via USPS certified mail, and upon receipt at our studio, will be carefully catalogued with your information. We create only one memorial at a time. Once your memorial is complete, it will be shipped to you along with any ashes that were not used in the process. 

A detailed step-by-step outline of the process can be seen on the About page.