5 comforting rituals for cremation ashes

from daily routines to annual traditions

Creating rituals involving loved ones who have passed is a thoughtful way to include them in your life. Below we’ve shared some of our favorite comforting rituals that help create a sense of connection and love even after death.

Have coffee with them every morning

Cremation Ash Coffee Morning Ritual

Drinking from a cup made with cremains may seem off-putting at first, but think of it as a way to include those you miss in a daily ritual.

Perhaps you’d like to say good morning as you pour your first cup of coffee, or wind down in the evening with the warmth of a hot tea, reminiscing on fond memories. Lifeware is one of the companies that creates these special mementos.

Spread them during a hike

Hike Path Cremation Ash Scatter

If there is a place near you that you prefer to walk or jog, you can consider scattering a tiny amount of ashes every few steps. Next time you take that route, you’ll know that your loved one is with you in some way.

These places can serve as an excellent spot for reflection or conversation with your loved one.

Turn them into a song

Cremation Ash Vinyl Record

And Vinyly is a UK-based company that preserves memories in a quite a unique way.

The cremains can be pressed into a custom vinyl record, while the audio could be a favorite song, or even more special, recordings of your loved ones. These recordings could be anything from old voicemails to recordings of them telling stories or playing an instrument.

Develop a yoga practice at a peaceful spot

peaceful cremation ritual

Consider spreading ashes outdoors in a meaningful place where you practice yoga or meditation. Prefer the indoors? Place the ashes in a memorial in an area of your home where you practice.

Practicing yoga or meditation with a loved one nearby is a great way to feel grounded as well as emotionally and spiritually connected to those who have passed.

Light a memorial

You can light a memorial on a significant day, or the anniversary of their passing. Make it part of a daily or weekly ritual, or just anytime that feels right for you. Perhaps choose a candle with a scent that reminds you of them, or consider Emberstones luminary stones, which are hand-blown glass creations containing ashes of loved ones that can be lit by twisting a small tealight inside of the stone.

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